SEO 101: Understanding the Basics in SEO

Also known as search engine optimisation, SEO is a strategy that many companies use nowadays to expand their customer network and boost their total sales. It works by applying different techniques to increase the traffic to your website that is directed from the organic output of a particular search engine.

To maximise the benefits that SEO offers to online businesses, here are some of the basic elements that SEO Sydney experts and novices must know.

Understanding How Search Engine Works

Can you still remember the time when we have to visit the local libraries to do some research for our homework? Search engines are like that. They are the libraries in the digital world. All we need is to type in our question and search engines will provide us the pages where we can find the answers to our inquiries.

How do search engines pick and rank the web pages that will answer our query? Google uses an algorithm to provide search results to guests. No one has a complete understanding of how Google algorithms assess web pages. However, it is important that SEO professionals at least have clues about them. Among the clues is the use of a page’s bounce rate to rank pages. The higher the bounce rate, the lower the chance that a content or page will rank high in the search engine.

Content Crawling

Another SEO basic to know is content crawlability. It refers to the primary way that Google uses to look for new pages or web content. This is crucial as Google won’t be able to rank or assess your content if it does not know its existence.

Google crawls through web pages with the use of spiders. It is a computer program that crawls to Google’s indexed pages and follows backlinks that can be found in there. By following the backlinks, Google can discover new pages on your site.

However, backlinking is not an assurance that Google will discover your pages as there are different factors that can hinder crawlers from seeing your content. These include ineffective internal links, robots blocks and nofollow tags existence.

Mobile-friendly Pages

Another significant thing to consider is the mobile-friendliness of your site as over half of searches on Google are made through mobile devices. This is the reason why many digital marketers nowadays implement the mobile-first indexing strategy so they will have more chances of being visible on the search ranking.

These are just a few basic tips for those who are still learning the ABCs of SEO. For those who are really transitioning to digital marketing, it is still best to look for affordable SEO services as they can truly be helpful to the corporate growth. Services like the advanced techniques off page and on page optimisation vary on SEO prices Sydney and corresponding packages.

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